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MyAdmin - License Management, Security and GDPR Solution

Makronet MyAdmin provides a self-service portal for simplifying cloud licensing operations and improving security with automated "Secure Score" assessment and gamification features for Microsoft CSP customers.

Makronet MyAdmin provides following features;

  • Seperate costs and invoices per locations in a single tenant
  • Define budget limits for locations
  • Self-service add or remove licenses
  • Monitoring daily Azure usages and Office 365 licenses
  • Location admins can create or edit users, assign or unassign licenses, manage distribiton lists without any global admin rights.
  • MyAdmin automatize «Secure Score» tests and create GDPR roadmap periodically.
  • MyAdmin shows Security Tips for each security features which are monitored.
  • Customer can see outcomes and advantages of feature and can apply the feature with auto enable and/or apply buttons.