Juniper's Network-as-a-Service (Naas)

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Juniper's Network-as-a-Service (Naas)

Juniper's Network-as-a-Service (Naas) delivers turn-key, flexible and scalable full stack of network services for industry-leading AIOps tech stack which includes wired, wireless, and secure SD-WAN. Juniper’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) facilitates deployment and supports operations and management of Juniper AIOps technology stack, which includes wired, wireless, and secure SD-WAN network services

NaaS is subscription-based and requires zero upfront capex investment, which combines best-in-class platform capabilities, such as a microservices cloud, open APIs, and Mist AI. The new NaaS capabilities offer a one-stop-shop for an end-to-end experience. It gives the ability to easily procure cloud services, manage network usage, and assure the best user experiences across multiple locations, no matter the size of your deployment. It’s as simple as a monthly mobile payment plan.
NaaS is consumed as an OpEx model. You can procure the industry-leading technology as a subscription without significant upfront capital investments. It eliminates budget uncertainty with predictable fixed payments, which helps you to plan your budget and predict operational costs.

NaaS offers flexible buying options and gives the ability to procure network as a service. In terms of convenience, it’s as simple as a typical monthly mobile phone payment plan. You can sign up for periodic payment plan utilizing a fixed-term subscription between 36 to 60 months.

In the initial offering you can buy a term-based plan and will be billed monthly. After the term expires, the subscription can be renewed for one, three, or five years at a reduced subscription payment, or month to month at the current payment, or you can return the equipment to Juniper Financial Services (JFS). Minimum terms and deal sizes may apply.

Juniper Financial Services (JFS) holds title to assets, for those who do not want ownership. Juniper’s NaaS is flexible, and yes, you can upgrade and/or upscale even during the term of agreement.

Key Features :

Zero Upfront Capex Investment

  • Requires no upfront capex investment
  • Eliminates budget uncertainty with fixed monthly operational costs
  • Helps plan resources effectively

Scalable and Flexible

  • Ability to easily scale per your business requirements
  • Effective inventory management from a single platform
  • Monitors device and service usage with a simple view


  • No more challenges associated with owning, operating, and managing a network infrastructure
  • You can manage it through Juniper MSPs (managed service providers) or do it yourself through reseller partners.

Competitive Edge

  • Industry-leading AI-driven technology and operations dashboard
  • Access to the latest technology, with a pay-as-you-grow model.

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