Juniper Paragon Automation-On Prem

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Deliver speed,agility & best-in-class service experience with Paragon Automation Suite.

Simplifying the transition from operations to outcomes, so you can improve your network and the experiences of the people it connects.

Paragon Automation portfolio suite of cloud-native software applications automates network infrastructure planning, monitoring, provisioning and optimization. And it’s helping forward-looking operators ensure a level of quality and resiliency that competitors relying on legacy approaches simply can’t match.Paragon Automation delivers closed-loop automation to translate business intent into tangible outcomes. The solution helps ensure that your customers receive assured service experiences throughout the network lifecycle, from Day 0 to Day 2.

Network automation is fundamental to delivering exceptional experiences. With manual or semi-automated network management, device onboarding and service activation can take days or weeks. Service deliveries fail. Network failure risk is high. Outages are costly, repairs lengthy. And constant change in traffic patterns makes it impossible to keep up with required configuration changes and guarantee service levels in real time.Juniper Paragon™ Automation fully addresses these challenges. It optimizes network operations so you can achieve your desired business outcomes, use case by use case. The solution accelerates innovation, increases operational efficiency, and, most importantly, empowers your engineering and operations teams to deliver an amazing service experience.

With Paragon Automation, there is a powerful toolset to bring Experience-First Networking to businesses. No matter how complex the network and services or how high the customers’ expectations, it is possible to:

  • Assure consistently excellent experiences, using active testing to validate the performance of services before activated, immediately after and throughout their life
  • Minimize risk by modeling and analyzing new services, buildouts and optimizations before implementation, reducing failures and service level agreement (SLA) penalties
  • Deploy new services more quickly and accurately with the ability to automatically deploy networks and activate services at scale
  • Turn network insights into predictive actions, so potential issues can be fixed before users even know there’s a problem
  • Maximize return on your network investments by optimizing path computation and utilization of network resources
  • Continually improve your network and services with continuous learning through network-focused ML analytics

Key Components Of Paragon Automation Suite:

Juniper® Paragon Planner is a network modeling tool that can be used for offline visualization and detailed architectural planning of any production network. Paragon Planner enables network operators to forecast the impact that changes such as latency, additional traffic, shifts in traffic flows, and new capacity or services will have on their network.

Juniper® Paragon Pathfinder significantly simplifies and automates provisioning, management, and monitoring of Segment Routing and IP/MPLS flows across large networks. Additionally, Paragon Pathfinder allows your operations team to manage strict transport service SLAs more effectively through automated scheduling, provisioning, proactive monitoring and dynamic optimization of large traffic loads, based on user-defined constraints. It monitors your network in real time by collecting IGP, BGP-LS, Netflow topology, and real-time telemetry data on your network to analyze and provide new service paths based on user-defined service levels.

Juniper® Paragon Active Assurance is a programmable, active test and service assurance platform for physical, hybrid, and virtual networks. Unlike passive test and assurance approaches, Paragon Active Assurance uses active, synthetic traffic to verify application and service paths at the time of delivery and throughout the life of the service.

Microsoft Technology : Azure Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure Operator Nexus.

LDAP users can access Paragon Automation GUI after an administrator configures LDAP in Paragon Automation and maps the LDAP user group to Paragon Automation user group. You can use Azure Active Directory installed with Windows Server 2012 R2 for implementing LDAP in Paragon Automation Release 21.2.(Please refer to screenshots for more info).