Masstech Innovations Inc.

Kumulate enables intelligent storage, workflow and lifecycle management for video assets.

Kumulate from Masstech Innovations enables intelligent storage, workflow and lifecycle management for video assets.  Kumulate is a modular platform that allows for the construction of an optimized object storage ecosystem utilizing asset management, workflow orchestration and transcode modules.  Kumulate ensures that assets are always stored in the most efficient storage tier, and delivers the right content, in the right format, in the right place, at the right time.  Harnessing the latest technologies such as AI/ML frameworks Kumulate enables users to enrich current and past content improving the opportunity for monetization.


Masstech Innovations is an ISV providing intelligent storage and workflow management solutions for the M&E industry. We help organizations get the most from their video assets, by providing software solutions and services that enrich, store, move, transform and check assets through the creation and distribution process. Automating smart asset movement & transformation across cloud & other storage tiers to ensure maximum operational efficiency for all video creators, processors & distributors is our core competency.


Masstech’s smart content management solutions are trusted by more than 400 M&E customers around the world.

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