RF Campus

kiadó: Mastersoft ERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Robust, feature-rich, Analytics equipped user friendly Campus Management System.

Campus Management System / Student Information System built on cutting-edge and flexible architecture enabling educational institutions to automate and streamline their processes. Functional Vanilla based engine to feature and fit-in with all the learning and administrative processes and requirements. The system focuses on solving the most complex of problems for the education sector clients and also does help in most of the compliance processes. This system aims at providing the mandatory compliance reports in the same exact formats as required by government bodies in different countries.

RF-Campus is a solution wherein complete services form a part of the ackage and all clients receive full upgrades to new features and the flexibility of complete customization as per the requirements. The company "Mastersoft" who has developed has more than 2000 clients and focuses exclusively on the education sector, and the RF-Campus product has been deployed at more that 100 colleges accross India. With the wide array of services and modules in the package it's a software that can meet the most complex of requirements for educational institutionals and the experienced implementation team helps in confuguring all the processes of the institution for an efficient and value based software deployment.