People First

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HCM solution including HR, Payroll, Talent, Recruitment, Onboarding, Learning and Time & Attendance

People First is a mobile-first, integrated platform that meets all HR, payroll and finance needs. Its open design means different modules can be added to the core platform and 3rd party applications can be easily integrated whenever required, enabling it to grow with businesses as their requirements change:
  • People First enables you to manage everything in one place, massively saving on time and costs
  • It helps build a more connected and agile workforce
  • It democratises data, giving you the complete picture of your entire platform, making it easy to action
  • It's based in the cloud, meaning all your data is kept up to date in real-time and updates can be rolled out as quickly as possible
  • It makes ample use of advanced AI to smooth out manual processes and create better business outcomes
  • It uses real-time payroll, reducing your risk of errors by 99.99%, freeing up more time for your payroll team to work on analysis and giving employees a clearer picture of what they're owed
Payroll, HR, Finance, Talent Management, Workforce Management, Learning Management, Analytics and Workforce Planning.
The platform is supported by the MHR Service Desk and MHR Assist programme to ensure full customer value.
Additional Services
People First is complemented by MHR’s broader service portfolio, including consulting support, transformation services and implementation services.
People First: The most intuitive, mobile-first, employee centric HCM platform