Novunex Platform

kiadó: Novunex

Simple and intuitive business process low-code / no-code solution.

The Novunex Platform is a simple and intuitive business process low-code / no-code solution for any kind of business processes. By using a process editor everyone is able to create, update and maintain processes. The Novunex Platform has a built-in dashboard and report designer to provide at-a-glance, real-time feedback which helps to align your organization to common goals. The Novunex Platform is developed for the cloud, operated in the cloud by using leading edge of technology supporting scalability and performance. Using Microsoft Azure, all customers regardless of size or resources benefit from the scale and security of a global cloud provider. The Novunex Platform includes a process and workflow editor, simple and intuitive UX designer and a front-end interface for users to manage their business processes and tasks. Built-in SQL database, reporting and dashboard capabilities. The solution includes many pre-built templates and apps in the area of Quality Management, ITSM Solutions, Manufacturing Execution, HRM Processes and project management.