Ombori Grid Wayfinder

kiadó: Ombori

Interactive voice-activated map that allows customers to download directions to their mobile device.

Help visitors find their way around

Interactive voice-activated map that allows customers to download directions to their mobile device. 

In combination with our Appointment Booking or Web Kiosk apps, it can direct them to the location of a selected product or a meeting location.

Designed for retailers with large stores and wide product ranges.

  • Malls
  • Department stores
  • Apparel
  • Grocery
  • DIY

Also works well for non-retail users.

  • Hospitals
  • Conference centers
  • Municipal offices
  • Museums & tourist attractions
  • Hotels

Easy direction finding

Customers tell the wayfinder what they are looking for by speaking to it or using the touch screen. 

They can download directions to their mobile via a QR code


Increases customer satisfaction by streamlining their visit, and increases revenues by reducing lost sales.

Speed up the customer journey: customers spend less time looking around for what they want.
Increase customer loyalty: customers are more likely to return if they can find their way around.
Reduce lost sales: customers are less likely to walk out because they can’t find what they’re looking for.
Increase productivity: customers can self-serve when looking for information which reduces workload on store associates.
Accurate data: detailed tracking of what customers are looking for enables you to predict future demand and optimize in-store inventory.

Ombori Grid

Part of the Ombori Grid, a platform which includes a suite of customizable mix-and-match apps, targeted at retailers and other businesses. 

Fully customizable: fits the needs of your business and includes your branding
Rapid deployment: quick and simple to install and configure
Easy scaling: roll out to multiple locations with minimal effort and cost
Central control: manage all locations and queues from a single hub
Usage-based billing: pay only for what you use
Hardware support: runs on a wide range of hardware, including Android and iOS tablets
Mobile integration: makes use of the visitor’s own mobile device
Grid integration: all solutions use a common platform allowing them to share data and interoperate
Proven technology: based on Microsoft Azure IoT
Developer tools: create your own apps