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Enterprise Transformation Platform

OrbusInfinity is a leading cloud platform for architecting and supporting your enterprise transformation. Integrated with Microsoft 365, OrbusInfinity enables businesses to blueprint their organizational structures, facilitating quicker, more informed decisions that propel successful transformation efforts, and empower enterprises to successfully manage complex change.

Critical challenges addressed with OrbusInfinity include:

• Spiralling technology costs and complexity - with controlled investment and cost savings across the IT portfolio

• Disconnected silos of enterprise data – with a single source of truth for enterprise information

• Lack of visibility around compliance and security risks – by anticipating and preventing potential cybersecurity threats

• Guesswork and delay in decision making – with smarter, faster decisions that enable transformation

• Mounting technical debt with an unclear roadmap – with managed removal of redundant technologies and data

• Overwhelming imperative to migrate to the Cloud - with insights that guide and de-risk the Cloud journey

• Architects constrained by existing tools – with the ability to unlock the full potential of your Microsoft 365 investment

• Enterprise Architecture disconnected from business stakeholders – with connected teams delivering measurable business value

• Collaboration across all stakeholder groups - gain real-time understanding with reporting in line with strategic direction.

OrbusInfinity allows architecture and transformation teams to realise the full potential of the MS tools they already have available. Businesses can capitalize on their existing MS technology investment and re-use existing content and IP in any MS formats.

OrbusInfinity Platform Capabilities:

• A web-based, central repository manages all enterprise architecture content, providing a single source of truth for collaboration and strategic decision-making

• A unique SharePoint document repository removes barriers to adoption by providing familiar Office interfaces, enabling the leverage of existing document collaboration

• Best-in-class Visio Integration provides a powerful modeling environment, featuring unique flexible mapping options and ready-made diagram templates

• OrbusInfinity’s SharePoint site enables data gathering from all parts of the business, with published and editable content from OrbusInfinity, ready-made forms and surveys, and integration with Teams

• A set of Power BI dashboards and visualizations can be published in a few clicks to the OrbusInfinity SharePoint site for rapid wide communication and stakeholder engagement

• Integration solutions with a variety of 3rd party systems are available out-of-the-box

• Azure Active Directory provides detailed user management and security capabilities