PCG Deanery

kiadó: PCG Academia

Effective management of educational processes


PCG Dean’s Office enables an effective management of educational processes in compliance with the law and based on best practices in higher education management.

The solution provides modern web and mobile interfaces and a catalogue of student document templates and reports.


Dean’s Office

  • Access to student document templates compliant with current regulations
  • Effective communication with students and teachers through notifications, e-mail and text messages
  • Advanced reporting inside and outside of the organization


  • Limited need for an in-person presence at the Dean’s office
  • Constant updates on the schedule, grades, events and other relevant information
  • User friendly, modern-looking web and mobile interfaces

IT Department

  • Integration with external systems and autonomous development of new functionalities through open API
  • Technical support and system maintenance provided under SLA agreement
  • User manuals and technical documentation available online


  • Full control over processes related to administering programs of studies
  • Modern-looking interface for students and teachers compliant with WCAG 2.0 guidelines
  • Integrated workflow management of student documentation
  • Various communication methods between administration, teachers and students (notifications, announcements, messages)
  • Bulk operations on students and teachers registered in the system
  • Groups of universities managed under single installation (federations, capital groups)
  • Mechanisms supporting collection of clean data for improved reporting and analysis
  • Integration with external systems through open API