Predica Intelligent Chatbots

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Take your communications to the next level! Discover the possibilities of Intelligent Chatbots.

After many meetings with our customers, we’ve got to know that many companies have a large number of the same queries from customers or employees that have to be answered by the customer services, marketing, sales or HR. That’s why we offer Intelligent Chatbots. It’s a unique solution that enables conversation automation with consumers. The result is an interactive bot which interacts naturally with your users and answers their queries. This bot saves a huge amount of time your personnel spends on answering replicated questions. With Azure Bot Service you can streamline communication with your employees or customers.
Simple interface for cross-channel communication
  • Embed bot control into your website or enable additional channels like Skype or Messenger
  • Automate your internal and external communication
Fast, intelligent customer service solution
  • Build a conversation flow, so your users feel comfortable and natural while communicating with your bot
  • Speed up your business by raising your employees’ efficiency
Cutting-edge technologies
  • Customize the bot’s functionalities to meet your requirements
  • Create bots which you can use in a variety of specific scenarios