kiadó: Prisma Retail

Prisma is a SaaS Enterprise platform that uses AI to optimize retailers revenues and profits

PRISMA is a SaaS platform that analyses, predicts and suggests actions enabling retailers to increase profits by optimising Prices, Promotions, Inventory, Assortment and Space within the same platform. 

By analysing millions of data points coming from different sources, Prisma helps Retailers to quickly identify opportunities for improvement and to setup a strategy and monitor its execution in each Key Retail Process within powerful AI algorithms and a suggestion engine to bring accurate actionable insights. 


  • Execute your Pricing Strategy following competitive, margin and parent rules.
  • Define margin and price changes caps, significance and rounding rules. Create A/B tests to validate hypothesis and measure Elasticity. 
  • Manage your pricing workflow and review audit trails for each decision. 
  • Collect competitors prices and make immediate pricing decisions with our Mystery Shopper APP.


  • Analyze in depth the profitability of your linear space
  • Use the heat map on your displays to measure your most important KPIs
  • Ticketing system to enhance the communication between HQ and Stores
  • Use mobile elements and different types of shelves


  • Cataloging: Assign products to your stores: Segment your SKUs. Group your stores into clusters and relate your product segmentation in each cluster.
  • Clustering: Group stores with AI and identify behaviour patterns to clusterize your stores.
  • Optimization: via Pareto Rules with AI add products that perform better in the market or in other stores. Easily remove products that are not performing as expected.

  • Design amazing promotions with different mechanics, measure the results and replicate those successful mechanics 
  • Check overlaps between promotions and easily communicate new promotions to your POS system using our powerful API

  • Measure results: Take into account the cannibalization effect, the pre and post-promotional sales and calculate the incremental profitability of each promotion