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Work integrated learning management platform for Higher Education

Does your Education institute offer work experience to your students?

InPlace is the world’s smartest integrated learning placement solution, improving the student experience and increasing employability outcomes. InPlace connects students with the workplace through easy to use and flexible management software.

World’s best practice workflow

InPlace offers an operational efficiency for Higher Education Institutes who offer work experience and co-operative learning to their students. Internships, clinical placements and co-operative placements take a lot of administrative effort to manage without the right tools.

Engaging with Employers, assigning students to the right experience, assessing students and completing logbooks is all digitized with InPlace. All stakeholders access personalised real time data through a neat online user experience.

Managing work based learning, for the whole institute, from a single management platform offers exciting big data opportunities. Comparing work experience assessments with the academic assessments using the InPlace Analytics solution allows for future executive level decisions based on reliable data.

Benefits for the whole organisation

Adopting an off the shelf solution benefits everyone in the Education Institute:

· Senior leaders within the Higher Education institute benefit from having access to accurate data that can contribute to strategic decision making

· Administration staff who are involved in the day to day management of getting the right student to the right work experience benefit because the admin effort is reduced. Admin staff evolve to being strategic in their role, having the time to proactively engage with employers and students to improve relationships.

· Academic staff who use InPlace rather than manual processes are relieved from the burden of admin and are able to spend more time with students.

Aligned to the Microsoft stack

InPlace is hosted on the Azure platform, on the full .Net/SQL stack and uses Power BI for Analytics.

Who is interested?

InPlace is suitable for

  • Universities
  • Vocational institutes
  • Private learning organisations
  • Apprenticeships and K-12

With InPlace, you are in good company

InPlace is the Global market leader for work based learning management with clients in all parts of the world from the largest top 20 ranked Universities to small learning institutes. Some of our clients are listed on our website, get in touch to find out more about who is benefiting from InPlace.

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