Rookout Live Debugging - dev, staging & production

Rookout Ltd.

Empower engineers to debug anything effortlessly, thus reducing debugging and logging time by 80%

Rookout is a solution that allows you to debug any application that’s deployed anywhere - from monoliths to remote applications running in the cloud - without changing any code or redeploying your application.

With the use of non-breaking breakpoints, Rookout empowers engineers to find the information they need and deliver it anywhere, in order to understand and advance their software. Save hours of work and reduce debugging and logging time by 80% - with zero friction, overhead, or risk. 

Rookout Live Debugging lets you debug live, remote applications without adding code and without stopping the application – wherever it is deployed. 
Debugging remote applications is often a painful challenge. Attaching a debugger to a remote application during runtime is time consuming, and sometimes impossible. Development teams often rely on reproducing the issue locally or adding log lines and waiting for a release cycle to take place. This is where Rookout comes in.

Key Benefits

By saving previous time, Rookout reduces debugging time and Mean Time-To-Resolution by up to 80%. In addition, our customers have experienced:
  • Improved velocity and quality
  • Developer empowerment and independence
  • Quicker access to application data
  • Easier compliance and access management

Key Features

  • Developer-friendly experience: debugger-like interface, source control tool integration and one-click data fetching
  • Extensive tech coverage: Java, Ruby, Python, .NET, Node.JS
  • Smart, Secure, Scalable: robust data collection, unlimited servers and negligible footprint
  • Advanced use case support: Dev, Staging and Prod, debugging and monitoring, logging and metrics

Rookout is tailor made for developers across all industries, providing an enterprise level of security and performance. Get the quickest and safest live debugging experience today by clicking on ‘Get it Now’.