kiadó: Roqc Data Management AS

Identify, quality assure and correct Well Log Curves.

RoQC LogQA is a native cloud application which, depending on how it is deployed, can connect to OSDU, DELFI, ProSource or local LAS files. RoQC LogQA then uses deterministic and ML (Machine Learning) analysis to rapidly identify substandard or suspect log data.

RoQC LogQA also provides extremely flexible tools to visualize and efficiently rectify the errors. The user has full control over which curves get fixed, from targeting individual curves in one well, to all curves that the user has access to. A user can realistically target the cleanup of millions of curves - dramatically increasing the quality of the curve data as required for digital oilfield workflows.

RoQC LogQA can identify and fix a myriad of log quality issues from mundane things such as: missing units, incorrect unit, broken file headers, negative values where there shouldn’t be one, duplicate curves, incorrect curve names, etc. to more esoteric issues such as "this doesn't look like a Gamma Ray".

Of course, RoQC LogQA also provides the expected dashboards and dynamic charting capabilities so that users can, at any stage, see an overview of the data or dive into analyzing detailed issues.


"Traditionally a petrophysicist might spend a day or two cleaning up the logs for one Well before they can be used for detailed analysis... with RoQC LogQA the same petrophysicist can clean tens of thousands of logs in the same timeframe."