HealFHIR for Payers


HealFHIR is for payers to meet CMS Interoperability Mandate and beyond

HealFHIR provides R4 compliant managed infrastructure for interoperatbility in HITRUST compliant Azure cloud. In addition to providing a secure and scalable FHIR server, the platform helps health plans by providing the following capabilities:
  • API Management
    • Define and enforce access and privacy policies for patient access APIs from third party apps and enterprises.  Also monitor and track the usage.
  • App Services
    • Enablers that orchestrates and integrates with payer on-prem/cloud services
    • Automates the provisioning and managing of third party apps
  • Payer Directory
    • A directory that will be constantly provisioned with additional payer endpoints
  • Data Aggregation
    • Customizable and configurable pipeline for aggregating member health history from various payers
  • Data Enablers
    • Mapping libraries containing templates to map from custom or industry standard non-FHIR format to FHIR format
    • File processing framework for managing bulk and real time data feeds
  • Security Services
    • Identity services supporting authentication & authorization of users and apps
    • SIEM tools to analyze volumes of usage data to detect fraud and abuse