GateScanner® CDR by Sasa Software

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Prevent advanced and undetectable file-based attacks

Sasa Software is a leading provider of Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) solutions. GateScanner® CDR is a proven, award winning technology, protecting hundreds of organizations including financial/insurance institutions, federal & local governmental agencies, healthcare organizations and public utilities. Sasa Software is the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICS Security vendor of the year. Content Disarm and Reconstruction is recommended by the Israeli Cyber command.

Prevent The Undetectable: Instead of relying on detection, GateScanner® CDR treats every file and email as suspicious, transforming them into a neutralized copy, while maintaining full file fidelity, visibility and usability. The technology prevents advanced undetectable file-based attacks, including Zero Days, APTs and Ransomware.

Prevents advanced and undetectable file-based attacks from all content delivery channels:
* Portable media security, including NERC-CIP-003-7 compliance.
* Email threat prevention
* IT to OT file transfers
* Secure file uploads
* Internet downloads
* Secure file downloads