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Centralized application configuration and monitoring solution.

Congether is a easy way to manage your applications after the deployment. It gives you tools for centralized application-configuration and application-monitoring. It's perfectly suited for all wide range of software-projects and development-teams. Congether gives you the tools and APIs to manage your software properly. Centralized Application-Configuration Centralizing your application-configurations is key, if you want to withstand in a modern world – full of micro-services. Use Congether to simply create hierarchical configurations and control the behavior of your applications from a single place. Centralized Application-Monitoring Applications are becoming more complex – and agile development will not make it any better. To keep track of your software, use Congether Tracer to monitor the events or metrics of your application. Collect them in one place and analyze them to be able to identify problems – before your customers do. Congether is available as a cross-platform application. You can use it in your Windows Azure Subscription as a Docker-Image or .NET Core Instance. Start today and boost your application-management. To get a subscription plan or find out more about the possibilities, visit