DARL Bot Service

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Create AI bots that work with the Azure Bot System without programming

The DARL Bot System (DBS) is intended to be an alternate way of creating Bots exhibiting artificial intelligence to the coding and Machine Learning based solutions created by Microsoft.

It connects and integrates with the Microsoft Bot Framework, but offers an SaaS solution that requires no programming*, just configuration, to function.

Bots created with DBS can be “unguided” as in responding to any query and/or “guided” as in leading the user through a set of pre-planned questions.

*DR Andy’s IP has re-invented the Expert System for the 21st century using DARL, our fuzzy logic inference language. In order to create truly intelligent systems, some rule definitions must be written in this extremely simple declarative language, but this is very much simpler than programming, and accessible to any intelligent professional.