HaloCAD - Information Protection for CAD

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Automate the protection of CAD files shared across supply chains

Whenever you share Computer-Aided Design (CAD) files with external partners and suppliers the intellectual property of your company is at risk.

HaloCAD® is a unique enhancement for Microsoft Purview Information Protection that helps you to automatically protect any CAD file before sharing it. HaloCAD® also ensures that you and your recipients can seamlessly consume those protected files.

Like a gatekeeper, HaloCAD® automatically protects your CAD files whenever they leave your secured Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) repository or vault. The built-in rule engine will map the PLM meta data or security attributes to the appropriate pre-defined Microsoft Purview Information Protection label.

In addition, CAD applications can seamlessly consume those protected files and the user experience is preserved due to the plugins provided by HaloCAD® for various CAD applications.

HaloCAD® Use Cases:

  • Automated EDRM – HaloCAD® enhances PLM security with Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM). It applies Microsoft Purview Information Protection to CAD files automatically during checkout. It enables data protection and permission enforcement everywhere without user intervention. Protected files can only be opened and modified by authorized users outside the company’s network.
  • Secured Collaboration - HaloCAD® leverages Microsoft Purview Information Protection for minimizing security risks by enforcing compliance and access control in all your collaboration processes. It extends the security templates provided by Microsoft Purview Information Protection to protect sensitive CAD/PLM files throughout the design lifecycle.
  • Support CMMC 2.0 Compliance - HaloCAD® satisfies Relevant Security Controls in NIST SP 800-171 and 800-53 for protecting the confidentiality of CUI in CAD files.

  • Hedge against Ransomware - HaloCAD® goes beyond traditional threat detection and response by protecting sensitive data even if leaked. With HaloCAD® you can boost your data-centric approach of protecting files anywhere and anytime based on Microsoft Purview Information Protection.
Key Differentiators:
  • Fast adoption - Companies can use existing security policies from their PLM systems and automatically map them to shared CAD files.
  • Best user experience - Engineers can work seamlessly with protected CAD files. Check-out and check-in workflows are preserved.
  • Native CAD security - Usage controls defined in Microsoft Purview Information Protection are enforced inside of CAD applications.
  • Process efficiency - Collaboration processes can leverage native CAD files for increased efficiency while preserving data security.
  • Operational flexibility - Organizations preserve their operational flexibility by using manual or user defined labelling withing CAD applications in addition to the automation.
  • Always on protection - CAD files are always encrypted outside of PLM repositories making insider threats and ransomware attacks ineffective.
Supported CAD applications & PLM systems:

  • Autodesk Inventor / AutoCAD and others.
  • PTC Creo
  • Siemens NX & Solid Edge
  • Dassault Solidworks
  • PTC Windchill
  • Siemens Teamcenter
  • and more