Acculink Cargo Visibility

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Asset tracking, real time cargo visibility, environmental monitoring, exception-based reporting

Acculink: a Fully Managed Solution Delivering These Added Values:
• Real-Time Visibility
• Product Level Tracking
• Exception Based Monitoring

24/7 Security for Your High-Value Cargo

With Acculink, you can improve efficiency, eliminate delays and reduce operational costs while mitigating theft, loss and vandalism.

Acculink also allows you to precisely locate your product shipments in real time and validate their condition. This enables you to take quick and decisive action should you see a change in scheduling, or to prevent loss or theft.

Critical Environmental Monitoring
Acculink’s high reliability sensors monitor critical environmental conditions including temperature, shock, vibration, light and humidity. This helps ensure that your cargo is not damaged or compromised and meets cold-chain compliance

Acculink Cargo Key Features
  • Fully integrated managed service — Acculink cargo monitoring solutions are fully-integrated, end-to-end managed services that are fast and easy to deploy. The solution includes devices, network connectivity and application software.
  • Shipment monitoring — Gain supply chain visibility in real time, not just at milestone check-ins, for addressing quality, compliance and security. Validate that materials are secure with real-time alert notifications for intervention and prevention.
  • Product level tracking — Wide range of system sensors can track temperature, shock, vibration, light and humidity at the pallet/product level. This helps to validate product integrity.
  • Report automation — Receive reports based on continuously logged data captured from origin to delivery on environmental conditions and excursions that can be used for carrier performance evaluation and claims documentation
  • Built on the Microsoft Azure IoT Central Platform - a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that lets customers connect their IoT devices to the cloud quickly, maintain connectivity, and reconfigure and update their devices with centralized device management. Acculink, built on a foundation provided by Microsoft Azure, is now available on IoT Central providing a managed solution bundling both the hardware and platform. Now, with IoT Central, Acculink offers both Acculink and Azure customers device management, application enablement and an administrative interface to track and monitor high-value and sensitive assets via Acculink’s IoT platform, powered by Microsoft Azure.