Simple GMS - Garage Management made Simple


Garage management system for small and medium sized garages, fast fit and tyre businesses

Save time, improve customer service and drive future sales by taking your garage business into the digital age. Aimed at small and medium sized tyre dealers, servicing and fast-fit garages, Simple GMS has everything you need to build your customer database and to compete with the franchise vehicle dealers on communications, vehicle health checks and customer service.

Replace your desk calendar with one simple online app

Around 50% of tyre dealers and small garages do not use a GMS or any kind or customer management system. This...
  • Makes email campaigns and direct marketing almost impossible
  • Makes communications including service and MOT reminders manual and tedious
  • De-values your business; customer data drives future business. Without it your are putting all of your eggs in one customer loyalty basket
From booking in jobs and sending customer reminders, to carrying out vehicle health checks and invoicing – manage it all with one simple to use yet powerful browser-based system.

Over 1,400 garage customers across the UK and Europe

Silkmoth work with independent garages and small networks throughout the UK and Europe. Simple GMS's key features include:
  • Calendar to organise your jobs across your resources (bays, vans, staff etc.)
  • One-click invoicing; quickly turn a job sheet into an invoice
  • Technicians can use the task board to track jobs through the workshop
  • View customer and vehicle history
  • Carry out comprehensive tyre and vehicle health checks. Automatically remind people when service and repair items become due
  • Drive MOT business with automated customer reminders
  • Works on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Plus much more...

Link up your existing website using our API.

Simple GMS can accept bookings directly from your website in real-time.

Live vehicle and customer data access.

Our live vehicle, address and MOT history lookups save time and money.

Always available. Available everywhere - 24/7

Our servers are hosted on the cloud with guaranteed service levels.

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