Oxeus Survey

kiadó: Soft Convergence

Produce online surveys with high quality rendering and real-time tracking of your campaign.

This application is available only in French

Surveys perfectly fits your image.

Logos, colors, fonts, banners... The entire interface is fully customized to represent your brand.


Build your survey quickly and graphically. Need to distibute your survey all around the world? Generate multilingual questionnaires easily.

Be creative

Many types of questions (multiple choice, sliders, open questions, etc ...) are available. With conditional branching, the questionnaire evolves according to the user's responses.

Easy to broadcast.

Private and nominative questionnaire or large scale survey, invite your target to answer your questionnaire by email or share your survey on social networks.

Your customers answer anywhere, anytime.

The questionnaire automatically adapts to all kinds of display: The user can comfortably answer the survey on his smartphone or tablet.


Real time access to users answers. Revive. Filter. Access statistics and detailed answers. Export to Excel the results of your survey.