Risk Register - A list of Risks or Issues

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Risk Register - A list of risks or potential problems

The Risk Register app is a list of risks or potential problems across a business unit or team, and is used to capture, identification and mitigation of business, operational and program risks.

With a little extra effort when categorising risks, users can also do mitigation planning and Monte Carlo analysis on Cost vs Benefit analysis. If you combine this App with the RAID register, you can have a complete Risks and Actions tool to help you not only record your risks, but action plan their mitigation

Risk Register is one of 90 off the shelf apps available on the Softools platform.

Adding other Apps to the Softools platform is a simple process, allowing a single login to be able to access any number of Apps in a secure scalable environment.

Often these internally built/provisioned systems are managed in Excel, and so :

  1. Are not aligned to business goals or IT roadmap
  2. Reflect disjointed & inefficient processes
  3. Cannot integrate with other systems
  4. Are not mobile enabled so are device dependent
  5. Offer no real-time collaboration
  6. Can not scale across internal & external teams
  7. Have issues of data security & GDPR/compliance

Softools Smart Apps platform allows mutiple Apps to be delivered throught he same platform, and also offers the ability to build your own apps, with Zero Code, in hours/days

For more details on the 90 off the shelf apps available on the same platform, please see Softools Apps Page

The benefits of a single platform.

  1. Great User eXperience
  2. Mobile optimised
  3. Secure (Data)
  4. Scalable
  5. Stable (99.99% uptime)
  6. API Integrated
  7. One click deployment
  8. Global footprint