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Optimize Your Cloud Environment

PyraCloud provides a single platform to transact software licenses and cloud subscriptions, view your entire on-premises and cloud software estate and track cloud spend.

As your cloud consumption scales, it can be difficult to track and manage your cloud spend. PyraCloud , which is a FinOps certified platform, provides complete visibility into your Azure environment to manage the overall spend as well as forecast and budget future spend. The Azure consumption dashboard starts at the highest level providing a view of all your Azure resources - current spend and future trends. The view can be modified to look at monthly spend or a specific time period. Additionally, resources can be tagged to build billing reports by business unit and departmental chargebacks.

PyraCloud provides end-to-end Azure Cloud Spend Management by enabling you to:

·         Discover, structure and govern cloud resources across multiple cloud platforms

·         Define your organizational structure and map resources to those business units, projects and cost centres

·         Establish cloud budgets by business units, projects or cost centres

·         Analyze and optimize budgets and spend and predict future usage

·         Allocate cloud costs to departments using those cloud resources by way of chargebacks

·         Optimize your environment with recommendations and alerts

View our Introduction to PyraCloud Cloud Spend Management 2-min Video to learn more.