Global Rostering System


A powerful, comprehensive Workforce Planning and Scheduling tool to optimise your staff resources

GRS is a full featured e-Rostering and workforce planning solution designed for organisations with demanding staff scheduling and management processes. A powerful resourcing platform, built on a Microsoft product stack, delivering a fully integrated suite designed to easily manage the complex tasks of staff rostering. GRS provides key processes for demand led shift, job allocation and overtime spend, absence management including sickness, leave and training, and combines effortlessly with staff details, skills and attributes to ensure you get the right people, in the right place at the right time. An intuitive employee Self Service Portal and Mobile App reduces central workload, helping to avoid repetitive administrative processes and tasks, empowering your employees and giving them confidence in organisational procedures. GRS has the capabilities to manage all types of staff groups including Operational, Administrative, Part-Time, Seasonal, External and On-Call workforces. The solution enables you to make the most efficient and effective use of staff resources allied with comprehensive real time decision support reporting and a wealth of readily accessible Management Information. Increase your productivity and performance, maximise the use of available resources, optimise your planning processes, control your overtime and budget spend, reduce sickness levels, and balance staff needs with organisational requirements with key automated process management. GRS supports the standardisation of procedures and enforcement of rules reducing local practices, and replaces innumerable Excel and Paper based scheduling methods and is an intelligent and innovative solution delivering proven savings in Sickness, Overtime, Absence and TOIL management. Built on strong, long term relationships with customers where focus and development strategy is aligned to customer need, Senior Managers, CEO’s, Resource Planners and Staff alike will love the simplicity GRS brings to a complex process and with it comes improvements to data accuracy and consistency, reducing administration effort and costs by streamlining the process of resourcing your most important asset, your Staff.