AI Demand Forecasting for Dynamics


Know Your Future - AI Forecasting Solution with up to 97% Accuracy.

Forecasting allows for in-depth analysis to make accurate predictions about demand, sales, money flow, and consumer behavior. At Data Courage we use both internal and external factors (thousands of them) and we are proud to accomplish up to 97% accuracy.

Correct and effective forecasting allows companies to gain a unique insight into the most likely future events, use that knowledge and resources, and become a leader in a specific market.

  • accuracy - thanks to Artificial Intelligence achieve up to 97% accuracy,
  • internal and external factors - promotions, prices, weather, events, COVID-19, stock data, market sentiment, and much more,
  • short term and long term forecasts - gather all data and plan your activities smoothly

What are some forecasting examples and how can they help your business?

  • Predicting demand and other business indicators
  • Predicting an increase or decrease in sales
  • Acquiring groups of products or specific products, the sale of which will increase or decrease
  • Analysis of the relationship between marketing activities and sales
  • Analysis of the relationship between the season or specific events of the year
  • Checking the chance to introduce a new product or service
  • Estimating the cost of bills and fees
Never be surprised and prepare your business for new challenges. Develop your strategies and tactics based on data and AI analytics. Let us show you how AI Demand Forecasting for Dynamics can truly benefit your business.