AI Social Media Intelligence for Dynamics


Know Your Audience - AI solution for Monitoring Your Business Online.

Social Media Intelligence created by Data Courage is an AI-powered solution that allows you to monitor and instantly respond to anything related to your business on social media. Social Media Intelligence is an ideal solution for business owners and marketers, allowing them to obtain data in real-time.

One of the possibilities of our Solution is Text Mining Analysis. This allows turning unstructured text from social media, customer reviews, and other text datasets into useful information. Thanks to this, you can quickly analyze what customers say about your brand, what questions and doubts they have, and what is their satisfaction level with your products or services. What's more, you are able to find out exactly what your target audience is. With the Data Courage Solution, you can detect the tone of voice of your customers online. Sentiment Analysis is an innovative approach to text analysis - it allows you to collect indicators about your customers' moods. Whatever they write on social media – you will immediately know whether it is a positive, negative, or indifferent opinion.

  • improve marketing campaigns and create offers for different customers groups
  • improve customer service
  • analyze the words associated with your brand
  • compare products and their reviews
  • visualize the sentiments about your brand
  • gain awareness and react quickly

What will Social Media Intelligence give you? A thorough analysis of activity on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform. The Solution is suitable for any industry that exists on social media. Data Courage algorithms will give you a complete, thoroughly analyzed database – the basis for drawing conclusions and planning development strategies. You will be able to get more leads, reduce the number of dissatisfied customers, and significantly increase the number of satisfied and loyal customers. It all comes down to growing your business and increasing your profit.