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StatusToday is an AI powered employee insights platform helping companies understand their employees


The world's fastest growing employee insights platform that helps companies objectively measure engagement, collaboration, and wellbeing including:

  • Detecting overworking signals
  • Organizational network analysis
  • Communication and Collaboration analyses

Patented Artificial Intelligence in StatusToday analyzes metadata to compare companies and creates actionable insights without extensive monitoring. Collect the data that matters, measure engagement objectively, explore activity trends and action on the AI-powered insights. 


Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)

Obtain an x-ray into the communication and collaboration patterns of your company. Identify potential bottlenecks, visualize resource flows between teams and assess operational effectiveness to gain true org behavior insight.


AI-Powered Insights

Real-time insights are generated by the latest artificial intelligence technology, collecting and processing company metadata round-the-clock


Industry Benchmarking

Identify where your company stands relative to others. Compare company metrics such as communication reach and average response to other companies in your industry


Automatic Activity Auditing

StatusToday stores all processed activity data, effortlessly maintaining your audit logs in a searchable archive. Secure by design, all data is safely encrypted


With two official certifications, security and privacy is StatusToday's first priority. All your company data is secure and encrypted, both in transit and at rest. 

The workplace of the future consists of happy employees and empowered management.