Submittable CSR Employee Volunteering

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Launch, Measure, and Manage Your Employee Volunteering Programs

Run a volunteer program employees actually participate in with Volunteer from Submittable, a corporate volunteering platform that puts employee experience first.

  • Let employees create volunteer events: Give employees with the right permission level the ability to create new volunteer opportunities on their own. Depending on your custom settings, these employees could be employee resource group (ERG) members, team leads, or anyone else approved by administrators.
  • Simplify sign-up and centralize details: Employees can search the full library of volunteer events across the entire organization and sign up for causes they care about in a few clicks. Each event contains all the important information, such as date and time, what clothing to wear, and who else has already signed up.
  • Track progress and impact: Create a true sense of purpose by giving employees the ability to keep tabs on the progress of their work. Each employee gets a a dashboard that lets them see the results of their impact and how much volunteer time off they have left. Administrators can access data from across the company, allowing them to analyze impact on causes, participation by location, and more.