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Suswagath – Visitor Management System

The right way to do visitor management

In corporate spaces today, the outdated paper log is still the norm for visitor registration. Despite its perceived quickness, this method lacks security, exposing visitor information for all to see. Suswagath introduces a transformative solution, automating the visitor management process for a more professional, secure, and compliant check-in system.

Suswagath offers a user-friendly experience for both administrators and visitors. Utilizing Azure services ensures robustness, scalability, and security, making Suswagath the ideal solution for efficient visitor management within your premises. Upgrade your visitor management to a digital standard that not only ensures security but also provides a positive experience for both administrators and visitors alike.

Key Benefits

Professionalism Reinvented

Enhance the enrollment process and visitor check-in with a seamless digital system.

Rapid Facility Identification

Improve security by swiftly and accurately identifying individuals within the facility, crucial in emergency situations.

Effortless Data Analysis

Analyze and report on visitor data swiftly and efficiently through our comprehensive visitor management software.

Trusted Expertise

Suswagath, a trusted security expert, backs our visitor management system. We provide highly secure and reliable visitor pass solutions and check-in software tailored for small and large organizations.

Business Audience

Facilities Security Management

Commercial Building Receptions

Integration with Microsoft Platform

Built with .Net and SQL, Ready as SaaS on Azure, targeting various industries.

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