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Swoosh Office 365 SPFX Apps, Internet Web and Office365 API Extensions

SWOOSH.CLOUD is an online Catalog of Office365 extensions that fill the gaps in your Microsoft365 Tenant, providing many innovative features. Our ever-growing catalog consists of SPFX Webparts, API, Internet Facing SharePoint Embedded Web Apps and productivity flows and API's, helping your user reach new levels of productivity.
Some quick examples:
- DocConnect is our self-contained webpart, providing users and administrator with a simple and easy to user search UI for all aspects of document search supporting 13 different ways to refine your search results.
- Dialog is our answer to an intelligent AI BOT providing users with a combined view of both modern generative search and the traditional blue links with a simple single tenant level license allowing access for all users
- Our provisioning API allowing management and control of Teams and SharePoint site creation through a simple web base UI, SPFX plugin or even through third parties such as Service Now.
- Our Site Copier program allows anyone to copy any Site from and too Any Tenant and that include all content in document and lists.

We have many, many more solutions for your Office 365 and Azure Subscription services and if you can't see it on the catalog, please contact us directly as we have a team a developer on staff who can build to the solution requirements you provide.