Session Border Controller - SBC as a Service for Microsoft Teams

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Session Border Controller as a Service for Microsoft Teams

Session Border Controller (SBC) as a Service for Microsoft Teams enables faster, more secure, and less complex enterprise communications.
Tata Communications SBC as a Service offering provides its enterprise customers the advanced network and security features they need without having to invest in and deploy a dedicated SBC.

SBC as a Service with Tata Communications will enable enterprises to easily secure real-time communications in minutes and scale capacity as per your requirement. This offering comes with the flexibility of using different SBC solutions (Hardware, Virtual, Cloud, and Hybrid SBCs).

Our Approach:

1) Quick deployment.

2) Dynamically scale SBC functionality to allow enterprises to enable a high-quality communications experience with a cost-effective solution.

3) Designed for real-time, mission-critical communications with protection against malicious denial of service attacks.

Some Key Features and Benefits of included in Managed SBC and SBC as a Service:

1) Planning and Design

2) Implementation

3) Maintenance

4) Monitoring and Alerting

5) Customer support - Technical support and troubleshooting – 24x7x365

6) Faster, error free deployments

7) Lower operation costs and reduce downtime using network specialists who can provide quick diagnosis and resolution of problem