Azure Migration Solution by Tredence

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Rapidly design & develop future states, modern architectures, and roadmaps to execute on Azure

Tredence provides comprehensive, end-to-end advisory, discovery, design, implementation, and support capabilities for our customers who are looking to modernize an enterprise data and analytics platform via migration from legacy technology to modern, cloud-based capabilities. The objective of this offer is to help clients quickly design a future-state cloud architecture to support enterprise analytics needs, build a roadmap to achieve the future state, and execute a proof of concept to validate migration accelerators and technology choices.

The type of user that benefits from the offer is:

  • Technology leaders: the modern CTO, CIO, and CDO benefit significantly from cloud transformations and modernization. These new capabilities not only untangle technology leaders from expensive, inefficient technology platforms, but they also provide new capabilities that were not even possible a few years ago.
  • Business leaders: modern analytics capabilities enable businesses to gain more insight into their business. Modern platforms enable the capture, storage, and processing of enormous amounts of data, and new technology makes it easier to govern, manage, extract insights, and act on those insights.
  • Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Consumers, and Data Analysts: Individuals who work with data on a day-to-day basis recognize the value of modern capabilities and the power that they can enable to find insights.

How do we address challenges?

Tredence brings a suite of solutions together to provide our customers with complete, end-to-end migration services.

  • Robust Design: Tredence works with our customers to help design the right platform architecture based on the use cases that each organization wants and needs to enable. Our experience implementing these solutions in a wide range of industries allows us to leverage those experiences to help customize our client solutions.
  • Pre-Built Data Models: Our experiences across industries have allowed us to design a series of industry data models that provide a robust starting point for designing new data models for different domains and industries.
  • Migration Accelerators: Tredence has developed a series of custom accelerators, and we work with Microsoft and additional, approved 3 parties to accelerate the migration process, including code migration, schema migration, and more.
  • Migration Playbook: Tredence’s migration playbook is based on years of implementing large-scale migrations and modernizations. Our playbooks allow customers to speed implementation and improve quality using our approved migration methods and processes, increasing speed and value.

Business Impact:

Tredence’s migration services help our customers realize 30 – 50% cost savings via our accelerators and playbooks while reducing speed to delivery by months or even quarters in some cases, which allows our customers to open up new capabilities and improve business outcomes sooner.