Forensic Notes - Electronic Investigation Notes

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Electronic Notes for Civil and Criminal Investigations.

Forensic Notes is revolutionizing how criminal and civil investigators document and manage investigations.

Is your organization following best practices?

Are they writing contemporaneous notes?

Can your organization speak to the authenticity of the documents they produce?

30-year Prosecutor and expert trainer on how to testify in court states...

“Notes can be made in electronic format but the same rules apply re additions or modifications – only use electronic notes if you know how to use them properly”

~ Jonathan W. Hak, Q.C.

Forensic Notes are immutable and timestamped notes stored in a private blockchain. This ensures that the user can prove when a note has been changed while providing access to the original if required. As a result, opposing party allegations of fabrication and alteration can be dismissed and proven to be inaccurate.

This application is ideal for:

  • Criminal Investigators
  • Civil Investigators
  • Human Resources
  • Business Agreements
  • Daily Interactions