Unit4 FP&A

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Budget, plan, forecast and analyze across your organization.

Guide your business with intelligent FP&A solutions and fully aligned teams. Unit4 FP&A frees your team to spend more time delivering insights and creating value for the business. We do this by combining automated, AI-infused planning, forecasting, reporting and analytics with highly interactive dashboards and powerful, pre-configured models to leverage better decision-making.

With Unit4 FP&A you can:
  • Increase speed and accuracy in your planning and forecasting - Enable your business to grow and quickly respond to opportunities and market conditions with increased speed and accuracy in planning.
  • Empower and align your teams - Increase participation in planning throughout the organization and help your FP&A team exceed growing expectations with easy-to-use tools.
  • Gain deeper insight for better decision-making - Draw the big picture and drive better business decisions with actionable, trustworthy numbers, analytics, and machine learning capabilities.