UST ResilientOps

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A platform-centric operational resilience framework for financial services organizations

UST ResilientOps, a cutting-edge platform-centric operational resilience framework crafted specifically for financial services organizations, empowers them to proactively adapt, maintain unwavering compliance, and navigate regulatory landscapes (PS 21/3 and DORA). At the core of UST ResilientOps lies empowering Executives and Risk Committees with precision tools to interpret insights and to masterfully execute complex change.

Why UST ResilientOps?

  • Streamlined Assessment: Efficiently utilize time and resources with instant access to an extensive taxonomy and templates.
  • Unified Data Repository: Establish a "single source of truth" by integrating multifaceted data through APIs.
  • Crystal-Clear Reporting: Customize dashboards and reports for unparalleled transparency, catering to governance and audit requirements with precision

  • Pinpoint Vital Business Services
  • Comprehensive Mapping: Link People, Processes, Technology, Information, and Third-Party Suppliers seamlessly
  • Calibrate Impact Tolerance
  • Scenario Testing for Future-Proof Strategies
  • Gap Assessment Reports for Informed Decision Making
  • Audit Preparedness: Maintain requisite audit logs and SMF24 approvals
  • End-to-End Risk Management
  • Incident Management: Record and address critical incidents affecting operational resilience
  • Third-Party Risk Mitigation

The UST ResilientOps framework is anchored in deep financial services domain expertise, honed for years through extensive collaboration with global clientele.

  • Inbuilt Industry Taxonomy: A pre-mapped service taxonomy across domains, ready out of the box.
  • Cutting-Edge Application Analysis through connected APIs: Seamlessly link to in-house CMDBs and gather application and incident data.

  • Tailor-Made Visualizations powered by UST ResilientOps: Edit and customize dashboards and approval workflows to align with your unique requirements.

Why UST?

For more than 23 years, UST has worked side by side with the world’s best companies to make a real impact through transformation. Powered by technology, inspired by people and led by our purpose, we partner with our clients from design to operation. Through our nimble approach, we identify their core challenges, and craft disruptive solutions that bring their vision to life. With deep domain expertise and a future-proof philosophy, we embed innovation and agility into our clients’ organizations—delivering measurable value and lasting change across industries, and around the world. Together, with over 30,000 employees in 30 countries, we build for boundless impact—touching billions of lives in the process. Learn more at