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Track PTO, Manage Leave Requests, Automate Your Policies and Get Real-Time Updates All in One Place.

Vacation tracker helps growing teams effortlessly coordinate, automate and manage their PTO. Approve and request leave, stay up to date on upcoming leaves and more – all within Microsoft Teams.

With the Vacation Tracker app, you can:

Get Up and Running in Minutes ⏱️
  • Avoid creating another account and get started right away by logging in with your SSO.
  • Add your company directory quickly by importing both new and old users with the click of a button.
  • Request and approve leave by simply starting a chat with the Vacation Tracker bot and following the suggested commands.

Manage Time off like a Pro 💪
  • Tailor Vacation Tracker to fit your organization and customize leave types to fit your time off policies (including PTO, Vacation, Sick Days, Holidays, etc.)
  • Automate old processes by using advanced features to manage accruals, blackout periods, TOIL and so on.
  • Spend less time answering questions as employees can now self-manage leave requests and check their balances at any time.

Access Information in a Flash ⚡
  • Get real-time updates on everyone’s leave status via the Microsoft Teams Overview and Calendar tabs.
  • Stay on top of who’s in and who’s off by setting notifications for departments, locations or even the whole company.
  • Integrate and sync directly with an external calendar of your choice (Outlook, iCal or Google).
  • Limit payroll calculation errors by exporting full-proof leave records in either Excel or CSV formats.

Uphold Security and Maintain Compliance 🔒
  • Stay compliant with local laws, by setting specific leave policies for different locations.
  • Feel secure knowing that our platform is SOC 2 certified and is fully aligned GDPR regulations.

And so much more!

Vacation Tracker is relied upon by 2000+ companies worldwide. Hear directly from our customers and see what they have to say about us:

“Our company unsuccessfully tracked vacation five different ways before finding this. This worked. And it worked immediately.”
- Austen Collins, CEO at Serverless Inc.

“This is the exact product we were looking for. We went from spreadsheets and manually entering PTO on a shared calendar to Vacation Tracker.”
- Chris May, Senior Creative Director at Spot

“I love that it integrates directly with Microsoft Teams and Outlook so that employees can see everything in one application.”
- Jonathan Shedd, Accounting & HR Specialist at Barnabas Foundation

For more information about Vacation Tracker, please visit our website. If you need further help getting set up, book a demo with one of our team members or visit our helpdesk.