Verizon VoIP for Operator Connect


Simplify global comms and stay in the flow of work by making calls directly from Microsoft Teams

Verizon VoIP for Operator Connect brings the market leading capabilities of Verizon’s global SIP network (Verizon VoIP) to a customer’s Microsoft Teams environment, allowing Microsoft Phone System users to make calls to phone numbers outside of the company’s private network, including essential E911 emergency service calls. It allows for a customer with Microsoft Phone System to completely replace their previous phone system and operate Microsoft Teams as a fully unified communications platform. This eliminates management of two communications platforms and makes for a more efficient employee daily workflow.

Operator Connect couples Microsoft’s Teams Phone System to Verizon’s IP Trunking (Verizon VoIP) solution, giving you all of the features and benefits of Verizon VoIP with greater ease of use.

Quicker to provision – No dependencies on access service and customer SBC. APIs allow you to quickly manage and assign your phone numbers directly within Microsoft Teams Admin Center.

Simple to order – No additional contracts for existing Verizon VoIP customers.

Dedicated connectivity – Highly redundant and scalable pre-built connectivity between your Microsoft Tenant and Verizon VoIP ensures high availability (100% availability SLA), quality and security without any additional action for you.

Simplified management – Configuration and management tools in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center make for easy administration.

By connecting your calling experience using Verizon VoIP for Operator Connect, you can leverage all of the benefits and cost control features that Verizon VoIP offers, such as:

  • Save on per-minute charge – Enterprise Verizon VoIP customers can call any Verizon Wireless number in the U.S. at no additional charge and VoIP IP Enterprise Routing (VIPER) ensures calls between any Verizon VoIP customers will not be charged additional domestic or international long distance per-minute charges
  • Be efficient – Burstable Enterprise Shared Trunks (BEST) utilizes the trunking capacity efficiently across your locations
  • Enjoy carrier class support and reliability – 24/7/365 technical support and a 100% availability service level agreements deliver a high quality of service
  • Leverage your network – Verizon VoIP Trunking services gives you a consolidated voice and data network. Connectivity APIs automate functionality for better visibility and user experience