DEFEND3D: Secure Streaming Transfer Protocol (SSTP) for 3D Printing

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DEFEND3D: Secure Streaming Transfer Protocol (SSTP) for 3D Printing

One of the biggest security risks with Additive Manufacturing is the transfer of the entire digital file. 

DEFEND3D’s solution is a patented Secure Streaming Transfer Protocol (SSTP) designed to enhance cybersecurity and IP protection.
This solution enables an end to end, secure digital resupply of reproduction parts to remote locations without the need for file transfer and with no data at rest. 

With the DEFEND3D’s manufacturing solution, any military, aerospace, or energy organisation can deliver 3D models from anywhere whilst:
  • Preventing cyber-attacks by keeping all your processes internal and without the need to share files.
  • Meeting the highest level of compliance with cross-industries standards patents.

All manufacturing jobs are recorded in detail, providing an audit trail throughout the entire digital supply chain. Variables such as machine settings, type of machine, type of material, etc. can be set to enforce manufacturing standards and to ensure the highest quality in the production process.

DEFEND3D will soon exceed 3D Printing and be available throughout the digital supply chain with CNC, LASER CUTTING, BIO-PRINTING, PHARMA and more.

Customer Review
“We assess this to be a game-changing capability, allowing us to overcome our current reticence of sending sensitive parts overseas, and allow us to send more parts wherever we wish in the world. “Being familiar with cutting edge 3D printing technologies, I believe this to be the only such system on offer.” – Lt. Col – UK MOD.