xMentium Generative AI Language Hub

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AI wins in < 6 Weeks. Rapidly create a Language Hub for contracts, RFPs, investor relations & more

Be the Leader in Implementing GenAI to make YOUR Words a Strategic Advantage
Language matters in documents. Organizations need to know what language a human knowingly approved (vs language generated by AI/GPT) and how current language (whether generated or human-written) compares to business approved language. xMentium and Microsoft enable your enterprise language guidance and collaboration by combining Microsoft Azure OpenAI and xMentium's SaaS AI Language Hub.

It’s simple. GPT alone cannot deliver precise and consistent language and lacks your business context. xMentium can. We complement and make reliable GPT's natural language fluency by grounding all language retrieval in our AI-powered clause-based knowledge graph to serve up your approved language. The result is that the words delivered to your teams are the approved, auditable, and precisely meet your precise corporate standards and business requirements.

xMentium’s SaaS Language Hub Approach Speeds Your Business
  • Manage Precedent Language: Search, import, tag, store and report on institutional language and knowledge within your document stores
  • Catalog Language: Create document templates and clauses with guidance and fallback language
  • Create a Trusted Source of Truth: Capture language, share your best knowledge and elevate your teams
  • Instantly Engage with Subject Matter Experts
  • Reuse YOUR Approved Language
  • Get Business Context: Associate clause-level language and documents to people, history, variants, guidance and discussions
  • Language Translation: Manage documents in different languages
  • 1-Many Push Updates: Save months of effort using 1-click clause level updates to every affected document and person
Start fast, then scale
xMentium offers a guided path for GPT implementation supported by experts with decades of experience in language expertise, data science, software engineering, and business leadership, resulting in:
  1. An Initial High Value GPT Language Use Case
  2. A Path to Enterprise GPT Adoption
  3. Scalability to Additional GPT Language Use Cases
6-Step Implementation Blueprint
xMentium's implementation blueprint helps you realize business value fast:
  1. Determine Initial Use Cases: Identify repetitive document generation such as contracts, Investor Relations, RFPs, and associated value proposition, teams and language
  2. Configure xMentium's Language Hub: Configure the hub and integrate with Azure OpenAI
  3. Configure Teams and Users: Establish roles and trust; integrate into existing tools, user processes and data flows
  4. Organize Language and Onboard Admins: Import documents, harmonize language, and optimize GPT prompts
  5. Pilot, Rollout and Govern: Govern the pilot team and measure the results
  6. Expand Teams and Business Use Cases: Scale the team, tailor prompts and explore LLM models
Real-world use cases
Revolutionize enterprise language to empower business and IT teams to unlock the potential of GPT. e.g.,
  • Investor Relations: Drive high-impact and CEO-level visibility of a recurring, multi-document cycle use case
  • Dealmaking: Reduce negotiation effort, deploy negotiation playbooks, and capture license-right metadata to grow new markets
  • Business Team Collaboration: Remove walls between business teams and negotiators by embedding the xMentium platform into Microsoft Dynamics and
  • Language Management: Implement the language hub across domains like HR policies, marketing content, compliance reports, and investor relations
  • Treasury Services Revenue Optimization: Enable corporate lenders to more quickly capture client contracts and manage fulfillment
  • RFP Proposal Optimization: Capture business opportunities related to 401K, investment advice, and other advisory services
  • Use Case, Prompt Management and LLM Exploration: Expand to new business use cases
Achieve Generative AI Value at Scale
Together, Microsoft OpenAI and xMentium's AI Language Hub accelerate traditional business gains as well as create new opportunities:
  • Company Leadership: Demonstrate highly visible, rapid wins of your teams' ability to support GPT and achieve C-Level goals
  • Contract Velocity: Drive 25% gains ($20- $100M) in revenue contracts through improved business win rates, better deal terms and cash flow
  • Reduced Contracting Effort: Achieve 25% reduction ($10M - $50M) in human effort in document creation and collaboration
  • New Business Revenue: Gain $100M - $200M opportunities by repurposing legacy rights to new formats and channels