Unearth AI

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Unearth AI - Integrate, Analyse, Discover and Take Action using AI

The Problem

A third of office workers' time is wasted trying to find information. In the end they often stop looking without finding what they need because it is not readily accessible.

Businesses have been ineffective at solving this problem, with enormous sums being spent dealing with the 15% of information they have that is structured data and minimal effort being invested to date on the 85% of unstructured data contained in emails, reports, meeting notes, industry news articles, and other documents, because it is too hard to access.

The Solution

Unearth AI is the first total AI solution that is suitable for any size business, and that:

  • Consumes all information that an organization has, regardless of source and type
  • Integrates structured data (from databases and from CRM, ERP and other systems)
  • Integrates unstructured data, including paper documents, electronic documents, video and audio
  • Is a single business processing backbone that can run entire business processes throughout any major organization
  • Includes true, advanced AI at every point and the most advanced enterprise search engine in market
  • Is a ready to use package that is easily deployed as a SaaS platform
  • Is consumer-friendly to put the power of AI in business users’ hands
  • Respects the security of source documents and data
  • Executes the most advanced analysis of text available using a combination of AI, cognitive and semantic computing
  • Has an extensible AI architecture that allows additional AI specific to the customers business processes to be executed

Other AI products require long, complex, and expensive implementations requiring highly trained IT professionals.

Unearth AI retrieves new and updated information using robotic process automation powered by AI and is available in real-time as data/documents are processed and updated.

Rules used and the processes to be executed are manageable by non-technical business people and are integrated into Microsoft Office 365.

Future enhancements include development of specific industry solutions such as crime research, engineering, health (automated scanning) and financial services (fraud detection).