BankFlow by XPLUS S.A.

kiadó: XPLUS SA

An electronic banking automation and a two-way system integration tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX/365

BankFlow is a solution that automates and integrates electronic banking systems with Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 FSCM.

Improving performance

BankFlow means moving away from manual file exchange, a significant reduction in errors as well as automated transaction booking. It is a separate module in the Client’s Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 FSCM and does not affect other functionalities or system modifications.

BankFlow enables two-level encrypted communication between the systems using webservices provided by the banks. You can automatically transfer payment orders generated from payment journals in Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 FSCM without the need to use bank websites. Download electronic communication and PDF bank statements. Get support for your users in reconciling transactions with appropriate general ledger accounts and contractor invoices.

Main features:

Data exchange and communication with the electronic banking system (EBS):

  • via webservices

  • high data exchange security level

  • logging into EBS from MS Dynamics AX/365 FSCM

Handling outgoing payments to EBS

  • optimized for large volumes

  • payment authorization from Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 FSCM

  • automatic settlement of payments with vendor invoices

  • insufficient funds notifications

  • secure data exchange

Optimization for large volumes

  • imports in automatic modes

  • settlement of customer payments with invoices

Import of bank statements and transactions

  • optimized for large volumes

  • possible actions in automatic modes

  • automatic booking of typical costs

  • all transactions in one journal with a unified sequence

  • automatic PDF statement download