ZeroG GmbH

Edge computer vision application to monitor turnaround, safety and security processes on the apron

DeepTurnaround provides airlines, airports and ground service providers with automatically generated, reliable near real-time data of what happens at an aircraft stand. This includes also safety related information.

DeepTurnaround is deployed on the Azure Stack Edge devices, which need to have access to the IP cameras of the apron. The video streams are processed on the edge and don't leave the premise. The extracted data can be securely integrated directly or via cloud with existing customer back-end systems. Clients can utilise this data within their own operational applications or use our solution dashboard.

DeepTurnaround is a GDPR and CCPA conform application, as it automatically blurs out people that move around on the apron from the video material and does not store any personal related data.

This managed service is provided as a monthly subscription model which includes; operations monitoring and maintenance of the deployed solution. All generated data belongs to the customer.