Accessible wayfinding and orientation solutions for people with disabilities

kiadó: RightHear

Empower people with disabilities to be more independent with our immersive audio guidance system

What RightHear Does

RightHear transforms public spaces into accessible environments for the blind, visually impaired, and orientationally challenged. Our app-based Talking Signage provides an immersive audio experience so people can navigate and orient themselves confidently and independently. RightHear works by delivering real-time, geo-specific audio descriptions directly to a user’s smartphone via a free app. Businesses and venues can customize the notifications to create an accessible and inclusive experience for their customers and employees.

Key Benefits

  • RightHear is the only accessible wayfinding solution focused on navigation and orientation. Navigation is about getting from points A to B as efficiently as possible. Orientation is about knowing where you are in relation to your surroundings. This combination is critical for people with limited vision as the RightHear app puts users in direct control of their environment.

  • RightHear doesn’t require GPS or internet so it works indoors, outdoors, and with limited connectivity.

  • RightHear is installed in more locations worldwide (over 2,000 and counting) than any other solution in the market. And it’s supported in 26 different languages.

Who RightHear Helps

Imagine trying to find a specific item at the supermarket, join the queue to pay for your purchases, or explore a museum exhibit; all with limited vision.

Braille signs are one solution, but only 8% of the visually impaired community can read braille. And you need to know where the sign is to read it. Once you find it, the information is extremely limited.

Plus, we’re still in a “no touch” era, even as COVID-19 restrictions ease. RightHear’s contactless accessible signage shows how businesses can leverage technology to create inclusive, sanitary, and accessible customer and employee experiences.

RightHear is also beneficial for people with other disabilities such as dyslexia, anxiety, and memory loss which can cause stress and discomfort when trying to understand and interpret signage in a public place.