DSM Suite 2.0

kiadó: Zooloo Information Systems Pte Ltd

Digital Sales Solution for Wholesale Trade Industry


Zooloo’s DSM SUITE 2.0 is an end-to-end DIGITAL PLATFORM for business owners in the Wholesale Trade to conduct their entire business offline or online.

CONNECTIVITY is required because you want to be present with your customer during their buying journey's multiple touchpoints. FLEXIBILITY is critical in today's business as customer demand changes rapidly. You do not be caught in yesterday's infrastructure and could not respond to the changes. With Zooloo’s cloud-based infrastructure, business owners in the Wholesale Trade will now be able to buy, market, sell and distribute products seamlessly, reducing human interventions and improving productivity. With an integrated platform, the business can be tracked and managed effectively to capture opportunities and minimize losses. With over 12 years of deployment experience, let Zooloo be your trusted partner to launch your digital transformation journey today.

IMDA's GO-DIGITAL ROADMAP for Wholesale Trade was launched in 2017 to support SME's growth in Singapore. We are pleased to inform you that DSM SUITE 2.0 is aligned with IMDA’s Go-Digital Roadmap for Wholesale Trade for Stage 01 and on the component of Stage 02. 

Most SMEs are at Stage 01 and some have gone on to the e-Marketplace platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, and Shopee due to the COVID19 push to go online. But in order to have sustainable growth, the wholesaler SMEs must also begin to digitalize internal operations with an integrated solution that will allow them to connect seamlessly in the future with the e-Marketplaces. 

DSM SUITE 2.0 is built with components from World-Class digital players. These are proven solutions. Our key focus is INTEGRATION, to pull all these components together in a way that is seamless to our Client. The other key approach is to get it 100% cloud based to leverage the advantage of being on the cloud.

Here are the platforms that we put together:
  • NopCommerce - eCommerce Engine
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRMS - Sales and CRM 
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Inventory and financial management
  • Matomo - Web Analytics
  • Power BI - Business Intelligence and Analytics 
The integrated solution from best-of-breed platforms forms the power digital solution which offers all the key essentials and yet it allows the implementation timeline to be within 3 - 6 months. 

Our focus is on the Wholesale Trade Industry.