Microsoft 365 Migration Strategy In A Day: 1 Day Expert Workshop


You should never plan a migration alone, and many organizations defer or delay migrations to Microsoft 365 because they don't understand the effort and risks. Don't let this be your organization.

Amazing new employee experiences and capabilities exist in Microsoft 365, but for many they are hampered because data, content and work is fragmented across other legacy or cloud systems. Let a team of MVPs and experts help you get to a better Microsoft 365 cloud faster.

Together this workshop series focuses on readying your organization for an effective migration to Microsoft 365. Together we will...

  • Explore the organizations current state and identify opportunities for migration that improve organization outcomes and maximize Microsoft 365 benefits.
  • Provide strategic guidance on priority, complexity, and the value of migrations from legacy or cloud systems into Microsoft 365.
  • Educate on 1st party (Microsoft), community and 3rd party tooling and resources that can accelerate or support a migration assessment, execution or the optimization effort that follows.
  • Expert led working session(s) to plan the high-level migration considerations for up to two targeted high value migration workloads.
  • Share summarized recommendations to accelerate migration next steps.

Note: Customized implementation plans are available for purchase.