Microsoft Viva Employee Experience aboutxtreme

Microsoft Viva Employee Experience engagement provides the gateway to the modern employee and tailored learning experience targeted towards the HR and end-users.

Microsoft Viva, the modern Employee Experience platform. With the power of Microsoft Viva Connections and Microsoft Viva Learning we will be delivering the modern employee experience along with tailored learning experiences, demonstrating the art of the possible and understanding use cases.

With Viva Connections will help and walk through the platform and provide guided experience and understand the needs and use cases. Demonstrate its offers an enhanced and modern experience in terms of user connected engagement with Microsoft Viva Connection portal, given ACE Cards integration (with third party integrations to SAP, Oracle) for an enriched and enhanced user experience across the organization.

Microsoft VIVA Learning offers a unique and cohesive learning experience with our unique set of expertise combined to offer content lifecycle management. Walk across the key features and facilitate organizations learning capability for the employees. Limited for Pilot Viva Learning and discover scenarios to life the user experience for Learner, Admin and Managers.