Microsoft Power BI Prototype: 5-Day Implementation


Demonstrate the potential of Power BI in your organization using our engaging, holistic and proven 5-day Prototype approach.

If you wish to demonstrate the value that Power BI could offer your organization, without the need or time for audits, specifications and the like, Actinvision's Power BI Prototype Services are what you are looking for. Our 5-day project cycle will allow you not only to generate one or more beautiful dashboards, but begin to derive meaningful insights from data analysis as well. Our Data Squad will work together with your business stakeholders and analysts through three iterations of dashboard development, giving you the opportunity to provide feedback and input in the authoring cycle, and insuring that the result fully meets your needs. The deliverable is deployable in a test or limited production environment.


Day 1: *Morning workshop: Need Analysis / Definition of Objectives *Afternoon: Data Prep

Day 2: *Morning: Dashboard Development Iteration 1 *Afternoon: Feedback Session 1

Day 3: *Morning: Dashboard Development Iteration 2 *Afternoon: Feedback Session 2 / Delivery

Day 4: *Morning: Dashboard Development Iteration 3 *Afternoon: Feedback Session 3

Day 5: *Morning: Dashboard Stabilisation & Testing *Afternoon: Deployment & Delivery