Microsoft Viva Topics: 12 week implementation

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Viva Topics is an AI-powered tool that organizes and surfaces relevant information, expertise, and knowledge in the flow of work.

Viva Topics uses AI to identify, categorize, and highlight important information. It organizes content and expertise from various sources and teams by topic, such as projects, products, processes, and customers. There's no need for a separate app or search function because the knowledge is delivered directly within the apps you already use. Experts can easily create and share knowledge using customizable web pages. guides you in your journey with Microsoft Viva Topics with a 4 step program:

1. Identify: Governance, Curation strategy, knowledge deep-dive

2. Build: Kick-start curation, awarness change campaign

3. Operate: Expert coaching and crowd-sourcing support

4. Customer success: measuring succes and support efficiënt business rythm's 

This engagement is expected to be completed within 10-12 weeks